What you will find on this blog and why it is there

I like to cook.

I like to eat.

And I usually am cooking for just my husband and I, and occasionally the dog.

After countless times of saying “That was just half the recipe!” as I put away the leftovers from dinner, I have determined that I can’t be the only one cooking for less than the typical recipe will feed.  I don’t need a meal that serves six to eight most nights.   I’m not sure even where they find these mysterious six people with gargantuan appetites.  Six to eight means it will provide us with a couple of good meals, followed by a couple more, then a few more just to firmly plant into my brain this recipe makes vastly more food than we will eat before deciding that if I see it again this year, it’s too soon.

I’ve learned how to cut recipes at least in half, sometimes down to a fourth of the original.  It’s not always a matter of simple math, or even bizarre fractions.   For example, dishes that include a pan sauce sometimes require an amount of some oil or fat that falls between half and the whole recipe.    It has involved a lot of trial and error, and after a good deal of practice, there’s less error, or rather less drastic errors.  (Drastic ones require a Plan B, usually involving take-out Chinese or pizza.)

I’ll also include some recipes for the dog.  Yes, the dog.   All I needed to give me the nudge to cook for him was that tainted dog treat scare and it was off to the kitchen, armed with my doggie bone cookie cutters in one hand, cookbook for dog treats in the other.  He hasn’t turned his nose up to anything I’ve made for him yet.   If you don’t like dogs, just skip over those.  I won’t be hurt, and neither will doggie.

And on to the cooking …!


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